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Hi Jenna .

The 2016 beekeeping is now on us. The Second of our workshops is happening come regularly to check and change this page to your needs. Evolve the content for your Public site. Please edit this page with a comment so I know on returning you have been here

once logged in you will see the fallowing in the admin area bellow the public area.

Once you start using it I will move it to the admin area.

Updated Several modules

  • Site now set to mail your address set it up in your system.
  • Fixed the log in problem
  • Working on up grading the HiveManagmentSystem current best route to it is the new modules view in the Member links The queens management is best for entering the data on your queens. You will have to create each new queen and enter its data. What Pallet colour date of graft. You can find that data on ECF Please let me know any errors to HelpDesk. Log in and create a support ticket. Copy the url and the error returned to the submit it. What you were trying to do will help to. There is a knowledge base started here that will teach more about how to use your site..

When you get upgraded to Admin you will have access to sub_domain access rights to the application.

Once I upgrade your account to admin you will have access to sub_domain access rights to the application. You will see the administration site. Let me know when you have created an account make it unique to your site so you get the proper rights. You can change most of the look of the site. Let me know what you need and I can change it.

You can look at the module link in main left links. You will see the current list for the system.

Learn to create and edit pages. For help with the Live Edit.

I have used the ECF auth table so it will create and account That will give you access to both views of the site. I can set it up so you have your own auth table that will prevent others on the ECF site from Loging into your site.

I am working on adding your site information to the applications you will be using. The yard system projects buyandsell calendar etc.


Last Update April 26, 2016