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Urban Framing

Reclaiming land lost to urbanization! Putting control of food back in the hands of the people.

With the growing number of people wanting control over the foods they eat. Getting it close to them. They are turning to the backyards, balconies, unused lots and lawns as sources of area to grow food. In the ground or pots, even the the tops of buses. Dramatically increase the land are that we have available for growing food and cleaning the air while reclaiming our power to chose.

Our new service here allows land users to keep their yards maintained and producing food. We can adapt your your into an artistic, productive, bee and human friendly place.

Our practices are GMO,chemical free and bee friendly. This give you the best food for your body and beauty for the soul to feast on. Our bee condos make sure you have just the just the right number of bees to ensure that your crops get pollinated.

Rediscover the joy of fresh food from your yard!

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