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Anu Beekeeping workshops

Explore the world of Bees and Keeping.

Bee keeping has many complex issues that we as bee keepers find our selves enmeshed in. Disease and its control. equipment, law and politics, education, more disease control, Pollination practices, Marketing. And it goes on.

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Feed the Bees

Feed The Bees link to find out more about feeding bees. We are preparing for presentation a series of workshop and talks on this subject.

Bees Need your help

Join our site and find out how you can help. All money collected is directed to bees, research and education of the public and beekeepers. Join protect our bees. If you would like to help please click here We accept PayPal, Bitcoin, and steem.

Bee sure to check our up and coming workshops click here

We will have a limited number of Queens After the June 15.

We will be catching queens at the June 29 and 30 Anu workshops

Numbers are limited. Please act quickly to ensure you get yours. Order at.

This week with the bees.

Why we recommend feeding bees!

  1. Ensure adequate feed for the bees.
  2. We ensure that the majority of available feed is free from chemicals
  3. As we want the new comb they will draw is free from chemicals. Feeding will help to reduce contamination. It will also ensure that there is always feed to draw the comb once they start. Feed interruption will lead to misshaped comb.

Wendsday June 12 hive and introduce queens to new nucs

We will put the bees and brood left over from calling up on the Stag Queen catch.

Thurdsay June 13 Make mating nucs boxes./a>

Friday June 14 Anu Collective

We will be setting up for Sunday’s Anu Beekeeping workshop.

June 29 and 30 Anu Beekeeping workshop.

We will be continuing or adventure into learning about bees. We will review Hive Evaluation. This is the single most important thing you will need to learn. The process also give you the needed information for your planning.

We will take the brood from the xways boxes and populate the K Queen rearing nuc boxes. We Will place them in the Gardens for mating.

Setting up your workstation. Evaluating the bees. Hive Evaluation of the brood! Each time visit the bees we will go through every frame in the hive looking at and recording in our database what we see. As we will be removing bees, brood and resources from each hive. These also will be recorded. Introduction to stock production. Record keeping. Apiary management.

Thursday Graft cells for June 29 Anu Beekeeping workshop.

We will begin about 1 pm. If you would like to join us for this adventure you register here. We will work our starter, Select our graft frame and graft. This Workshop is located in our Grindrod yard.

Sunday June 23

Remove Clocke board, return brood and plug lower entrance.

Wednesday 26 Update Website

Plan ahead to the June 29 Anu Beekeeping workshop.. Update yard system.

We will cover Brood evaluation, Swarm control, Stock production,

Create Mating nucs.

, Equipment maintenance.

Plant database

Join us for these and other workshops!

Click there workshop link and reserve your spot

This Web Application is for beekeepers to help each other bee better beekeepers.

Click the Sustainable Agriculture link to find out more about sustainable farming.

2019 workshops!

Workshops in main links. click here. Book early to hold your set. Join us in our adventure in sustainable beekeeping. Remember to check the calendar.

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