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Pollination is the most known of all Products provided by Bee Keepers

Agriculture's dependence on the service of bees and other insects is staggering. Bee keepers contribute greatly to the production of all kinds of groups.

There are two main kinds of pollination Products provided

  1. One crop
    • This group of services is directed at one crop such as Orchards, Berry corps, cranberries, Canola etc. Bees are placed in the clients fields for a short period of time. Ie during the flowering stage of the particular crop.
  2. On going
    • This group of Products are for farms that have a constant demand for pollination. Berry production, Cucumbers, squash, Peppers are a few of the crops that require this Product.
  3. Our list a pollinators near you.
Here is a list of our registered bee keepers providing pollination Products.
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