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Todays Workshop Mating nucs.

Making mating nucs.

In today workshop we will be making mating nucs to accommodate those produced by the last graft. Those that attended the lost workshop were showen how to make a starter/finisher. We created a Cloake Board The PDF comes via the Calgary Beekeepers.

To Day we need to make the number of nucs needed for all the cells produced. We will need them in two sizes. What we call our K nuc or Urban hive. In this example there will be two sizes needed. The Knuc which uses x-ways frames.

We be preparing, if needed repairing, The knuc urban/mating nuc. We will need to clean/repair to hold 4 cells or 4 sides or 2 knucs.

We will than move to populating those nucs with bees and brood. This will be done form the muddy meows yard and the Gunter Ellison yard. We will explore ideas about other options to chose to use to make a queen.

This is about how we create a space for a queen to emerge into and get mated. The smaller the size the more queens you can rear. What is vary minimum your need? This will vary with your available resources. You need bees to feed the queen. You can raise a queen with just bees. Will there be enough bees to keep the brood alive till the next mating. That is a guess. Fortunately you can boost with brood or bees when they become needed.

First time around. What is nice to see is 2 frames of bees 1 possibly 2 frames of brood 1 frame of honey and one frame of space. In two rounds of successful matings you will be taking brood and honey away.

This configuration seems to be good for any given frame size. this is likely related to the size of the space they have to heat. Smaller the space th easier to heat.

We will prepare the nucs for tomorrow cell. We then will pace the cells in the nuc created for it.

We Will need a videoographer to record the process.

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