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This is a massive topic!! Your approach will depend largely on your definition of Disease. And more importantly 'health'. In the key is in the word itself dis ease. This is also know as balance or unbalance. Substantially we think of balance as the condition that make the hive thrive and resistant to stress.

Over the years of our journey with bees we have learned of many things that have been classified as disease in the colony.

Here are the main ones.

  • Bacterial

    • AFB America Foul Brood.
    • EFB Eorupean Foul Brood
  • Fungal

    • Chalk Brood
  • Viruses
    • Sacbrood.
    • Cronin Paralysis Virus
    • Acute Bee Paralysis
    • Kashmir Bee Virus
    • Black Queen cell Virus
    • Deformed wing Virus
  • Protozoa Nosema
  • Parasitic

    • Varroa jacobsoni
    • Tracheal Mites Acarapis woodi
  • Chemical

    Unfortunate this group is near impossible for the average beekeeper to test for. a few of what we know of that cause problems in the hive. They primarily come from agricultural industrial is also a source.

    • Neo nicatoids
    • glycosides
    • fungicides
  • Bio Diversity

    Uncontaminated, diverse and high quality of food is a major factor in disease showing up.

  • Predators
    • Varroa jacobsoni
    • Tracheal Mites Acarapis woodi
  • Pest and Predators

    • Wax moths
    • Ants
    • Rodents
    • Skunks
    • Bears

Last Update August 6, 2016

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