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Queen Workshops and Queen Sales at

We hope this email finds you well and buzzing with excitement for our upcoming workshops and queen sales at! We have an incredible lineup of events and opportunities for you to enhance your beekeeping skills and strengthen your colonies.

Please take a moment to review the schedule below, which outlines the grafting sessions, cloak board pulls, egg checks, and queen pulls planned for the upcoming weeks:

Date Graft Event
2023-05-29 1 Graft
2023-06-01 1 Pull Cloak board and return brood
2023-06-13 2 Graft Our
2023-06-16 2 Pull Cloak board and return brood
2023-06-18 1 Egg Check
2023-06-23 1 Queen Pull and Cell Up
2023-06-28 3 Graft
2023-07-01 3 Pull Cloak board and return brood
2023-07-03 2 Egg Check
2023-07-08 2 Queen Pull and Cell Up
2023-07-13 4 Graft
2023-07-16 4 Pull Cloak board and return brood
2023-07-18 3 Egg Check
2023-07-23 3 Queen Pull and Cell Up
2023-07-28 5 Graft
2023-07-31 5 Pull Cloak board and return brood
2023-08-02 4 Egg Check
2023-08-07 4 Queen Pull and Cell Up
2023-08-17 5 Egg Check
2023-08-22 5 > Queen Pull and Cell Up

These workshops and sales are exclusive to members like you. Whether you're interested in grafting techniques or in acquiring new queens for your colonies, we have something for everyone.

Join us for our upcoming grafting workshop, where you'll learn the art and science of grafting queen bees. Grafting allows you to propagate high-quality queens and strengthen the genetic diversity of your apiary. Don't miss this opportunity to expand your beekeeping skills!

For additional details and updates on these events, please visit our website at

If you have any questions or need further assistance, feel free to contact Shanta at

We look forward to seeing you at these exciting workshops and helping you take your beekeeping journey to new heights!

Buzzing regards,

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