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Come join us as we talk about the things we are concerned with in Beekeeping. Here we will talk about bees.

Please register Email Please register early especially if you would like to be a guest.

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BeeTalkLive #6 Hive marking, evaluation and data entry into web site..

on YouTube. Sorry Rained out Friday June 17 at 10 am rescheduled to Monday June 20 at 10 am

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  • Support.

    We provide students with on going support and education the the site, Online, mentoring, The online hive management system

  • Technical Start

    Time: 1 hour before start. If you are a guest log we will send you a invitation when we go online at Streemyard. Please log in early to work out the bugs in your connection. You will need to register be a guest.
  • Event Start time 7 pm PST
  • The Future.

    Our Next Visit. Bee pasture. Talk about the things we would like to focus on in future episodes.

  • Streaming services

    • Details

      Streaming service's.

      This list is static at the moment but will be put into a database so each hosted site will be able to use their own services. These are available to all users that doesn't have a YouTube channel for example. Or Streamyard where we can share the cost of paid services

      • BeeMasterChannel Replace this with your channel.
      • Stream yard This is the streaming system we currently use to create streams. We currently only have the free version. We would like to upgrade to the next level. This would give us the abiltiy to connect and other streaming services at the same time. Total of 3 destination and record live stream on streamyard
      • Locals
      • Steemit streams automatically show up here. Steemit is a cripto site were you get paid for posting and other pay you if they like your video.
      • Steemit Bees Where we currently host our content on this platform.
      • Steemit Bees Where we currently host our content on this platform.
  • Q and A

    Have any beekeeping questions ask it now. If you missed the stream ask in the comments and we will add the question to the next live stream.
  • Past BeeTalkLive

  • Here you will find the lists our site offers.

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