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Evaluating a lost or failing hive.

When we find a hive that is showing signs of failing or has out right failed we naturally want to find out why. To answer that question we need to get answers to other a variety of places.

  • Where is the hive located?

    We are examine here the environment for all that the bee will come contact with. Keep a 10 mile radius in mind (max distance traveled. mostly we will be looking at a 3 mile radius. Short list of what we are looking for.

    • Available food. Key points here. what varieties and their attractiveness to bees.
    • Other hives
    • Source of agriculture chemicals
    • Other industry that may contaminate water and air.
  • Your hive and yard practices


    This is the primary area were you have some control of the course of events in our charges. The failing hive is a complex event because its outcome may or may not be in the hands of you the beekeeper. Some things we need to examine to bot remedy and prevent the situation again.

    • Disease. Smell the hive. Look for disease in the comb and How much.
    • Available food in the hive. The presence and amount of food in the hive can tell you a lot about available pastures.
    • History that should be in your notes. dose your count of bees and brood show a sudden or gradual change in resources. Hive evaluation
  • Predators

  • Other inhabitants of the hive.

    There are many creatures that live in a hive most help the hive some don't The balance here is essential to the overall health of a colony.

Ok Lets get down to evaluating the hive

You want to go though every frame in the hive carefully See our post on Nest Evaluation

Last Update August 23, 2017

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