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Early Spring Beekeeping

This is the first time we actually open the hives to inspect to see just what the conditions in the hive are. You will remember form the last visit to the yard it was too cool to open the hives. We just wanted a rough size of the ball of bees and available stores. These numbers helped us to plan this trip to the yard.

Now we are looking for the overall health, Shape of the hive, Position in the box, available stores, Number of new dead outs etc. We now will open the hive and see just how many frames of brood there are. From the condition of the brood on the frame wee will determine the presence of current disease and food stores.

We will rearrange the hive to maximize heat and brood production.

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Tools needed

  • Hive tool
  • Smoker
  • Bee Gloves
  • Veil
  • Screw driver and screws
  • Hammer

Supplies needed

  • Pollen patties
  • Sugar syrup
  • Number Tags

Last Update March 23 2016

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