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* doUpdate failed: Changes CANNOT BE rolled back 0 completed actions removed from update queue Could not add record; DBI error: Duplicate entry '127' for key 1 at ../Modules/Extropia/Core/DataSource/ line 143.
2002-11-21 09:16:20
test of ActionHandler
2002-01-15 10:02:52
How should I set up the directories and files on my server?
2003-05-31 22:32:38
Why should I create and account.
2012-04-14 14:53:59
How do I log in to the application? Create an account.
2014-05-07 16:54:45
How do I display html in a textfield or area?
2002-01-14 15:40:30
How do I change WebCal from 12 to 24 hours?
2002-03-06 07:18:28
How do I clone a eXtropia setup file?
2003-01-18 14:24:27
Is there a way to have the people add the phone munber when they submit a record into the DB... but *not* have it show up when someone(joe_public) clicks on the ''View Details'' buttons?? We would like to collect it up front... but not display it at the backend.. is this doable??
2003-04-02 12:16:41
How do I fill in a CSR form?
2003-05-04 13:53:51
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