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Question How to use ToDo and log system.

How How to use ToDo and log use ToDo and log system.

Admin users will see two links at the top of the page. Add a new ToDo and List The list is also available in the Admin drop list. Some sites will have the list shown at the bottom of the page.

If you want to Add a new ToDo to your site. Click the add new ToDo link. This will take you to the add ToDo form. Fill in the appropriate information in each field.

  • Project Code. Select the project the ToDo is for. This list is created from your projects database. If you don't see the project in the list you will have to add your project in the projects database. You will find it in the Admin drop list.
  • Site Code. The site code comes from your contact list. If this field is has no choices add a contact in the contact database.
  • Subject. This is what you want to do.
  • Date you want to start work on the ToDo.
  • Date you need it done by.
  • The Description of what needs to be done.
  • Priority Select how important the ToDo is. This changes the display order in the ToDo list.
  • The status of the ToDo.
  • Est. Hours How long do you think it should take to complete the ToDo
  • Accumulated Please Add time to entry. Each time you work on the project add the time spent to the number shown.
  • Additional comment about the project
  • Level of sharing. Who should see this ToDo
  • Save your ToDo

Now it is time to work on the ToDo

Find your to in the list. On The right of each ToDo are button to select.

  • Details

    This link will take you to the details screen. Here you can Modify or delete the ToDo
  • Log

    This is the link to the log entry form It will have details filled in. Add the time you start working. add any other info needed. Save. You will be taken to a page showing all your open Logs. When you are done working on the ToDo open the log and ad you finishing time and other pertinent data and mark the log as done. And save. You will be returned to the list screen your saved log will now longer be there.
  • ToDo

    Add another ToDo