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Question How should I set up the directories and files on my server?
Answer You will need to organize your sites files in a logical Human readable style. one option is / #this directory contains all the files and directories on your server. It is called the server root. Below that are /cgi-bin # This is the executable directory were applications are expected to be found and run. this looks like /html or htdocs # This is where your HTML document are. Your browser see this as the root of the site for all HTML, images and files that are allowed to be Viewed or downloaded. By default it return index.html This is the front page of your site. /html/ #all root of site files typically /html/index.html you then divide the files to files into groups that make sense to you. One way it to Davide them by site name So in this could look like /Apis # BeeKeeping application /Brew # Brewing Application /Marts # Martial Arts dojo and /ENCY # Encyclopedia on Herb and Natural Health. /HelpDesk # A HelpDesk system /client_site # Client or organization application /images # root of your images directory of the site. put all your images here unless the is compelling reason to put them some other place. This directory is available to all the files on the site no mater where they are. Even if you move the file to another directory. if a file is in ENCY and it wants to display it the browser will look in one of two places if you use /images/herbs/yarrow.jpg it will look in /images/herbs/ images/herbs/ will point the browser to /ENCY/images/herbs/