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Join our Site! is a site dedicated to bees and beekeepers. We provide hosting, education, online and in yard mentoring, worshops, apprentiships, tools

Explore the world of Bees and Keeping.

Feed the Bees

Feed The Bees link to find out more about feeding bees. We are presenting a series of workshop and talks on this subject

Early Spring Evaluation

We will be providing equipment and feeds to obtain the population leaves of your base operations. I you are a breeder and looking maximize your bees and brood you will be feeding pollen patties, combs of honey and/or sugar. I your interest is pollination or honey production you will want to be cautious about build in too much brood or you will have swarming problems. Your goals are to have just the right number of brood and bees for an easy stress free season. Our spring workshops cover these principals in action.

Queen and brood production.

All beekeepers will be doing this to one degree or another. There are strategies for a beekeeper with one hive to many hundreds for a commercial operations.

Pollination products

There is a great demand for pollination of crops. Your bees may be in the location for only a few days or they many be in a permanent yard.

Hive Products

Winterizing and Extraction

This workshop will cover the winterizing of your bee yard. We will review the building of your hive for winter brood production. We will put the hives together for our winter pack.

WorkShop link for details

Feeding our bees has become even more important than what we once thought. Bee's depend on a diverse flow of food sources for maximum health. Planting plants that we need for pollinators to thrive on.

WorkShop link for details

Feeding our bees has become even more important than what we once thought. Bee's depend on a diverse flow of food sources for maximum health. Planting plants that we need for pollinators to thrive on.

Late winter bee operations.

  • Equipment. Time to repare and build the equipment you will need once the bees start growing.
  • In the yard. Now is the time to check your hives for Size Available resources so you are on top of the early spring brood.
  • Planning. Now that you know how many bees you have gotten through you will be able to plan your next visit to the yards.
  • Bee sure to check our workshops on equipment.

Plants to Feed Bees

Added more plants to the Plant database

Bees Need your help

Join our site and find out how you can help. All money collected is directed to bees, research and education of the public and beekeepers. Join us in the fight to protect our bees. If you would like to help please click here

Bee sure to check our up and coming workshops click here

Click the Sustainable Agriculture link to find out more about sustainable farming.

Hive management system going in Alfa testing.

Winter will allow time to work on the hive management system. Now have a system that is in need of users to test the system and plan changes and improvements. This round of testing will tune the system to our teaching model.

If interested click the join button and become a member. As a member you will have access to this program. Click the members page in the members link area.

2016 workshops!

Workshops in main links. click here. Book early to hold your set. Join us in our adventure in sustainable beekeeping. Remember to check the calendar.

We have forums, Calendars, Links list, FAQ's, Procedures, Plant Databases, How to's all contributed by users.

This Web Application is for beekeepers to help each other bee better beekeepers.

Bee keeping has many complex issues that we as bee keepers find our selves enmeshed in. Disease and its control. equipment, law and politics, education, more disease control, Pollination practices, Marketing. And it goes on.

We need tools to help manage our bee keeping and bee breeding operations.

  • Apiary Management System.
    Track what is happening in your yards
  • Apis Calendar
  • Apis FAQ. Find out how to do things.
  • Forums Ask question of other users.
  • URL DataBase that contains links recommended by users. Add a few of your own will your looking.
  • Information on Member benefits click the 'See our member page' in the left Members link area. click here to join .
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